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 The members of the I&R Platoon are a group of like-minded military history buffs and reenactors who want to honor the veterans of WWII by portraying a U.S. Army Intelligence and Reconnaissance Platoon as accurately as possible, and have fun doing it. We strive to continually educate ourselves as well as the public about the uniforms, equipment, weapons, tactics and history of the fighting men who won the freedom the world enjoys today. While our WWII HRS charter states that we are the I&R Platoon of the 180th Regiment, 45th Infantry Division, we have the flexibility to portray nearly any regular infantry or parachute infantry I&R platoon, as well as a USMC infantry platoon. This flexibility allows us to take part in many different events, whether it be public display or private tactical battle, European or Pacific theater.

WWII Historical Reenactment Society

The WWII Historical Reenactment Society, Inc. (HRS) is our parent reenactment organization. The Society is a non-political group of men and women from all over the world whose mission is to bring to life the history of WWII through public displays, simulated battles, parades and many other community activities. The Society strives to honor and preserve the memory of all who served in WWII, as well as preserving the artifacts of that time. Members of the Society engage in a wide variety of impressions, including those of the United States, The United Kingdom, Russia, Poland, Germany and Japan. The focus of the Society is on the military history of WWII; the battles and way of life of the individuals who took part in the war. The Society does not sympathize with nor endorse the ideologies of Nazism, fascism or the ways of oppression and such beliefs are not welcome. 

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