What We Do and Why We Do it

Most of the members of our unit have been active in the WWII reenacting community for many years. During that time we have developed more than one impression, i.e. US Parachute Infantry (as pictured above), regular US Infantry and USMC Infantry. Given our collective experience, it became apparent to us that there are usually many different divisions represented at each event. During battles, whether public display or closed tactical battles, there is quite a melting pot of units taking part. By focusing on the I&R platoon and striving to learn to operate as the original platoons did, rather than a specific divisional unit, we can provide the services of the I&R platoon to nearly any U.S. unit represented at an event. Thus we can provide that unit with the ability to present a larger more comprehensive impression.

While we do have a unit structure and certain members have rank in the unit, this is mainly for administrative and static display purposes. In the field we are more flexible and generally do not wear or carry rank. Not wanting to become stagnant and desiring that all members have the opportunity to learn, members who are interested may have the chance to lead an element in battle. Even though we are doing an impression of a military unit, we consider ourselves as citizen soldiers. Our gear is heavy enough without having to carry around a big ego, so those with more experience are willing to let the new guys have a chance for "glory." That is not to imply that we are not serious in what we do. We expect members to operate and act in a fashion consistent with the unit we portray. We  all strive to learn the tactics and methods the real I&R platoons used in WWII, but we also want to have fun doing it.


Unit Roster

Unit Commander: Capt. Keith Bonney, S-2 (acting)
Platoon Sgt: SSgt. John Baumer
Observer: Pvt. Silas Chapman
Observer: Pvt. Caleb Chapman.
Radio Operator: Pvt. Fred Chapman
Topograhical Draftsman: Cpl. Michael Wall
Platoon Medic: Sgt. Ken Strickrodt
Attached War Correspondents: Lynda Wall, Charlene Strickrodt and Shari Fesko

1st Squad: Sgt. Robert Wall (Squad Leader) Cpl. Matt Ziemer (Assistant Squad Leader) Cpl. Lance Aldrich
Pvt. Joe Szomolyai
Pvt. Shawn Clark
Pvt. Doug Fesko

2nd Squad:
Sgt. Paul Garrett (Squad Leader)

Cpl. Mike Lezotte (Assistant Squad Leader) Cpl. Dan Ziemer
Pvt. Trent Pallagi
Pvt. Shawn Spicer
Pvt. Matt Hobig